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Electric Stacker

Electric stacker is a new type of storage equipment powered by a battery and powered by an electric motor. It integrates lifting, handling, and storage, and is widely accepted by customers with its unique design, reasonable configuration, advanced technology, and affordable price. The main structure of an electric stacker truck consists of devices such as batteries, motors, hydraulic pumps, oil cylinders, piston rods, forks, chains, and controllers.




Electric pallet stacker is generally used in warehouses, workshops, and other places that require logistics transportation. When used in conjunction with pallets, they greatly improve the efficiency of warehousing. Special operation functions can affect the specific configuration of the stacker truck. For example, in the production workshop, materials such as paper rolls and molten iron are transported, which usually require the installation of accessories on the stacker truck to complete. Special functional requirements should take into account the specific configuration of the stacker car, not just pursuing large and comprehensive, but starting from reality. Due to its small size, flexible operation, easy driving, economic and environmental friendliness, electric stacker trucks are the preferred product for business units. If you want to find professional electric stacker manufacturers, please contact Meenyon!

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