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Hydrogen Powered Forklift Meenyon 1
Hydrogen Powered Forklift Meenyon 1

Hydrogen Powered Forklift Meenyon


Product Overview

The "Hydrogen Powered Forklift Meenyon" is a fuel cell system that consists of various components such as an air filter, air flow meter, humidifier, radiator, ion exchange, controller, fuel cell stack, water tank, water pump, and blower. It is designed for use in forklifts.

Hydrogen Powered Forklift Meenyon 2
Hydrogen Powered Forklift Meenyon 3

Product Features

The fuel cell stack has a rated power output of 12kW and is composed of 90 fuel cells. It operates at a voltage current output of 54 volts at 222 amperes and has a fuel cell efficiency of at least 42%. The system dimensions are 630 x 560 x 610mm and it weighs 180kg.

Product Value

The hydrogen powered forklift offers a clean and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional forklifts. It runs on hydrogen fuel cells, which produce electricity through the reaction of hydrogen and oxygen, emitting only water vapor as a byproduct. This reduces carbon emissions and helps to create a more sustainable future.

Hydrogen Powered Forklift Meenyon 4
Hydrogen Powered Forklift Meenyon 5

Product Advantages

The hydrogen powered forklift has several advantages over traditional forklifts. It has a higher power output, longer operating time, and faster refueling times. It also has lower maintenance requirements and reduced noise levels. Additionally, it offers improved efficiency and better performance in various temperature conditions.

Application Scenarios

The hydrogen powered forklift is suitable for a wide range of applications, including warehouses, distribution centers, manufacturing facilities, and logistics operations. It is ideal for indoor use due to its zero-emission and low-noise operation. It can provide reliable and efficient material handling solutions in various industries.

Hydrogen Powered Forklift Meenyon 6
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