Meenyon offers professional OEM & ODM services for all kinds of electric forklift, electric pallet truck, electric stacker and diesel forklift.

Latest Meenyon Electric Forklift 1
Latest Meenyon Electric Forklift 1

Latest Meenyon Electric Forklift

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Product Overview

The Latest Meenyon Electric Forklift is made with premium materials and is available in different design styles. It is manufactured with a short lead time due to the large factory and well-trained staff.

Latest Meenyon Electric Forklift 2
Latest Meenyon Electric Forklift 3

Product Features

The forklift is smaller in size, optimized for design, and has a lighter weight. It has an exquisite counterweight for better flexibility during floor operations. The vehicle also has a smaller turning radius, adjustable seats, steering wheel, and ergonomic foot design for increased comfort during operation.

Product Value

The forklift offers the advantage of being smaller in size compared to other vehicles in the industry, making it more suitable for operations in small spaces. It also provides enhanced comfort and better handling for the operator.

Latest Meenyon Electric Forklift 4
Latest Meenyon Electric Forklift 5

Product Advantages

The electric forklift has design optimization, resulting in a smaller size and better maneuverability. It is more compact, lighter, and has a smaller turning radius, making it ideal for operations in narrow spaces. The vehicle is also equipped with adjustable features for increased comfort.

Application Scenarios

The electric forklift is suitable for various application scenarios, including warehouse handling and stacking of goods under 1.2 tons, industrial staircase operations, factory floor work, and areas with small channel width. It offers versatility and efficiency in different environments.

Latest Meenyon Electric Forklift 6
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