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Meenyon Top Order Picker Forklift Price 1
Meenyon Top Order Picker Forklift Price 2
Meenyon Top Order Picker Forklift Price 3
Meenyon Top Order Picker Forklift Price 4
Meenyon Top Order Picker Forklift Price 5

Meenyon Top Order Picker Forklift Price

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Product features

High performance, high reliability

◆  AC drive system provides strong power; More precise control and smoother operation

◆  High strength vertical gearbox with ultra long working life

◆  Low noise and low fault hydraulic station, with multi-layer detection and testing of oil cylinders and pipelines, ensures high reliability of the hydraulic system

◆  Reliable quality American AMP waterproof connectors and electrical components, with reliable protection and fixation for all wires and cables, greatly reducing electrical failures

◆  High speed driving (no-load speed up to 12KM/H), efficient handling


More secure

◆  Release the travel switch to achieve automatic braking and reverse current braking, making driving safer

◆  Emergency power off switch, which can easily cut off all power sources in case of loss of control during operation, to avoid emergency accidents

◆  Anti slip braking function to prevent the car from slipping when losing control or driving on a slope

◆  Dual monitoring electronic steering, safe and reliable (electric steering)

◆  Automatic deceleration function in bends for safer driving (electric steering)

Easy to operate

◆  Setting the backrest in the driving position for more comfortable driving

◆  Spacious driving and riding space with shock absorbing pedal design, significantly improving driving comfort

◆  Side pull battery box design for easy battery replacement and convenient continuous operation

◆  Fixed speed walking design, no need to get on or off to achieve random picking

◆  Electronic steering for lighter handling (electric steering)


Convenient maintenance

◆  AC motor, maintenance free

◆  Equipped with a timer and electricity meter, it is convenient to remind the operator to charge in a timely manner and protect the battery

◆  The disassembly and assembly of the machine body is convenient, and only by unscrewing two screws to remove the lower cover, the main key components can be inspected, repaired, and replaced

◆  The use of vertical motors provides direct and convenient inspection and maintenance of motors, brakes, etc., with significantly better maintenance performance than horizontal motors

◆  The controller self diagnosis system displays fault codes through a handheld unit, making it more convenient to solve faults

◆  Low voltage automatic protection, extending battery life


Item Name Unit (code)  
1.1 Brand   MEENYON
1.2 Model   EPT20-RAP
1.3 Power   Electric
1.4 Operation   Standing type
1.5 Rated load Q (kg) 2000
1.6 Load center distance c (mm) 600(1200)
2.1 Dead weight (incl. battery) kg 940(1050)
Tires, chassis      
3.1 Tire type, drive wheel/carrier wheel (steering wheel)   Polyurethane
3.2 Front wheel size (diameter × width)   Ф85x70/Ф83x115
4.4. Max lifting height of standard frame h3 (mm) 120
4.9 Operating position Handle lever minimum/maximum height h14 (mm) 1220
4.15 Fork drop height h13(mm) 85
4.19 Overall length l1 (mm) 2516(3770)
4.20. Length to vertical face of fork l2 (mm) 1366
4.21 Overall width b1/ b2 (mm) 800
4.22 Fork size s/ e/ l (mm) 55/170/1150
4.25 Fork outside distance b5 (mm) 540/685
4.34.1 Pallet 1000 × 1200 cross path width Ast (mm) 3190
4.34.2 Pallet 800 × 1200 cross path width Ast (mm) 3025
4.35 Turning radius Wa (mm) 2390
Performance parameter      
5.1 Travel speed, full / no load km/ h 9/12
5.2 Lifting speed, full/no load m/ s 0.026/0.034
5.3 Descending speed ,full/no load m/ s 0.025/0.021
5.8 Max climb, full/no load % 8/13
5.10. Service brake type   electromagnetism
Motor, Power unit      
6.1 Rated power of drive motor S2 60minutes kW 2.5
6.2 Rated power of lifting motor S3 15% kW 2.2
6.4 Battery voltage/nominal capacity V/ Ah 24/360
Drive/lift mechanism      
8.1 Drive control type   alternating
other parameters      
10.5 Steering type   Electronic
10.7 Noise level dB (A) 74

Company Advantages

· Meenyon order picker forklift price is carefully created. Its design sets out with a desired aesthetic in mind. The function is catered to as a secondary factor.

· To satisfy the needs of our customers, we additionally design the performance which is order picker forklift price.

· order picker forklift price advances with time.

Company Features

· With highly advanced production equipment, Meenyon is globally prestigious in order picker forklift price sector.

· Our company possesses the advantages of vertical integration, R&D capability, technological leadership, quality control, and design capabilities.

· Meenyon is committed to the success of each customer throughout our life cycle. Get info!

Application of the Product

order picker forklift price of Meenyon can be widely used in various fields.

We are committed to meeting the need of our customers. We will go deeper into their situation and provide them with most suitable solutions.

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