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Top Hydrogen Fuel Cell Forklift Suppliers 1
Top Hydrogen Fuel Cell Forklift Suppliers 1

Top Hydrogen Fuel Cell Forklift Suppliers

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Product Overview

- The product is a hydrogen fuel cell forklift produced by Meenyon, specializing in the development, design, and production of this product.

- Meenyon operates a modern factory under comprehensive safety protocols to ensure efficient and safe production.

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Product Features

- The fuel cell stack is composed of 40 fuel cells.

- Hydrogen must be fed into the stack at a pressure of 0.45-0.55 Bar.

- The stack operates best in a temperature ranging from 41 to 86° F / 5-30° C.

- The stack uses self-humidification.

- The stack, including fan and casing, weighs 4.91lbs / 2,230g.

Product Value

- Meenyon ensures high quality of the product through strict selection of raw materials from suppliers.

- Perfect quality control system established by years of exploration and practice.

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Product Advantages

- High-quality raw materials and strict quality management methods ensure the product's quality.

- Meenyon has strong talent resources, including experienced technical and management personnel.

- Meenyon provides comprehensive services based on customer demand.

- The company operates with advanced management concepts and methods.

- Meenyon actively engages in sustainability activities, focusing on profit, society, and environment.

Application Scenarios

- The hydrogen fuel cell forklift can be used in various industrial environments for material handling and logistics operations.

- It is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.

- Ideal for industries focused on sustainability and reducing carbon footprint.

- Can be used in warehouses, manufacturing plants, distribution centers, and more.

- Supports clean and efficient operations in material handling tasks.

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