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10kW Liquid Cooled FC System VL 1
10kW Liquid Cooled FC System VL 1

10kW Liquid Cooled FC System VL

This is the second of two entry level products for liquid cooled fuel cell stacks.  With a 10kW power envelop this fuel cell stack is an ideal product for electrifying all-terrain vehicles, tractors used in agriculture, and it is even ideal for switching golf carts to being electrified using fuel cells.  With a fuel cell electric golf cart fleet, golf course owners no longer have to deal with hours of downtime due to charging the large battery packs that golf carts traditionally have used.  This fuel cell stack product also works well at the college and university level in helping students to learn about current fuel cell stack technology.  It can be easily integrated into a common platform, like a golf cart, which enables professors to effectively pair in-classroom learning with an easy practical exercise.

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