Meenyon offers professional OEM & ODM services for all kinds of electric forklift, electric pallet truck, electric stacker and diesel forklift.

Electric Forklift for Sale Meenyon Brand Company 1
Electric Forklift for Sale Meenyon Brand Company 2
Electric Forklift for Sale Meenyon Brand Company 3
Electric Forklift for Sale Meenyon Brand Company 4
Electric Forklift for Sale Meenyon Brand Company 5
Electric Forklift for Sale Meenyon Brand Company 1
Electric Forklift for Sale Meenyon Brand Company 2
Electric Forklift for Sale Meenyon Brand Company 3
Electric Forklift for Sale Meenyon Brand Company 4
Electric Forklift for Sale Meenyon Brand Company 5

Electric Forklift for Sale Meenyon Brand Company

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Company Advantages

· Meenyon electric forklift for sale has been strictly tested in many aspects. It has been checked for slip resistance, wear resistance, shedding propensity, stitching reinforcement strength, etc.

· The product is tested on numerous quality parameters before supplying to patrons

· We are proud to introduce you to our electric forklift for sale in the vibrant and sophisticated design.

A More Professional 3 Wheel Electric Forklift 


Superior performance. Strong motivation

◆  Large capacity battery, longer battery life, stronger power

◆  Built in charger for easy charging and use

◆  Reduced wheelbase for improved maneuverability

◆  Dual drive power, stronger handling power


Waterproof performance. Outdoor

◆  IPX4 waterproof, versatile for indoor and outdoor use, with a wide range of work scenarios.


Professional three point forklift, with a more compact vehicle body
Smaller turning radius, narrow channel for handling artifacts

Structural optimization. Large space

◆  Optimize driving space and provide more ample footstep operation space. Footstep operation space 394mm

◆  Optimized gantry piping for a wider driving range

Safety design. Stable handling

◆  Upward limit switch, high position return stable

◆  Adopting high-strength channel steel, the gantry is stronger and stable under heavy loads

◆  Standard rubber Airless tire, stable and safer operation


Convenient operation. More comfortable

◆  More comfortable operating experience: front foot brake, rear multi way valve.

Modular design. Excellent quality

The application of Zhongli's new modular design concept ensures stable quality and convenient maintenance

Battery - electronic control - drive - manipulation



Item Name Unit (Code)      
1.2 Model   CPD15TVL CPD18TVL CPD20TVL
  Double drive 3 wheel electric truck        
1.3 Power   Electric Electric Electric
1.4 Operation   Car type Car type Car type
1.5 Rated load Q (kg) 1500 1800 2000
1.6 Load center distance c (mm) 500 500 500
2.1 Dead weight (incl. battery) kg 2950 3269 3429
Tires, chassis          
3.1 Tire type, drive wheel/carrier wheel (steering wheel)   Solid tire Solid tire Solid tire
4.4 Max lifting height of standard frame h3 (mm) 3000 3000 3000
4.7 Top guard (cab) height h6 (mm) 2078 2078 2078
4.20. Length to vertical face of fork l2 (mm) 1813 1913 1950
4.21 Overall width b1/ b2 (mm) 1070 1070 1170
4.34.1 Pallet 1000 × 1200 cross path width Ast (mm) 3175 3275 3315
4.34.2 Pallet 800 × 1200 cross path width Ast (mm) 3300 3400 3435
4.35 Turning radius Wa (mm) 1450 1550 1585
Performance parameter          
5.1 Travel speed, full / no load km/ h 13/ 14 13/14 13/ 14
5.8 Max climb, full / no load % 10 / 15 10 / 15 10 / 15
Motor, Power unit          
6.4 Battery voltage/nominal capacity V/ Ah 80/150 80/150 80/150

Company Features

· Mainly engaging in the production of electric forklift for sale, Meenyon is a China-based enterprise that develops rapidly in this field.

· Meenyon-made electric forklift for sale features stable performance, easy operation and long-term maintenance. To make it healthier, our electric forklift for sale applies not only the most advanced technology but also adopts the raw materials. Being easily maintained and durable is the remarkable characteristics of electric forklift for sale.

· We pursue environmental protection in our business. We maintain a high level of environmental awareness and have found production ways to improve environmental friendliness.

Product Details

We are not afraid of customers to pay attention to the details of our electric forklift for sale.

Application of the Product

The electric forklift for sale managed by Meenyon is widely used in industry.

Meenyon has many years of industrial experience and great production capability. We are able to provide customers with quality and efficient one-stop solutions according to different needs of customers.

Product Comparison

Meenyon's technical level is higher than its peers. Compared with peer products, the electric forklift for sale produced by us has the following highlights.

Enterprise Advantages

Our company has introduced an advanced management model and excellent management philosophy, and built a strong and professional management team.

Our company has a first-class after-sales service team of professional technology and a set of standardized service management systems to supply the best quality service to the customers.

Based on the tenet of 'quality first, service first, and customer first', our company provides high-quality and high-grade products for consumers, takes perfect service as the basis of our survival, and dedicates ourselves to the public.

Having struggled for years, Meenyon is now a leading enterprise in the industry with complete facilities, wide business range, and great business strength.

We sell our products in various regions in the country as well as in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Australia and other countries and regions.

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