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MEENYON  Electric Forklift  EFX302 3.0t 1
MEENYON  Electric Forklift  EFX302 3.0t 2
MEENYON  Electric Forklift  EFX302 3.0t 3
MEENYON  Electric Forklift  EFX302 3.0t 1
MEENYON  Electric Forklift  EFX302 3.0t 2
MEENYON  Electric Forklift  EFX302 3.0t 3

MEENYON Electric Forklift EFX302 3.0t

  On January 3, we received an inquiry from Brazil on Google, asking if we could provide a 3-ton forklift and a model with a lifting height of up to 4500mm with a three-stage mast.


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    On January 3, we received an email from Brazil, asking if we could provide a 3-ton forklift and a model with a lifting height of up to 4500mm with a 3 mast. We immediately noticed that our company was currently promoting electric and diesel forklifts, which just met the specific needs of customers. Therefore, we responded quickly and prepared detailed quotations for potential customers based on market conditions and product characteristics.

    However, there was a small episode during the entire quotation process. Since the customer's contact information was not left on the inquiry, we were unable to respond to any inquiries about order details or follow-up services in a timely manner. In this case, even simple inquiries were difficult to get a direct response. Although this small problem did not cause much trouble, it was indeed regrettable because it reflected some possible omissions in the communication process. However, considering the tight time constraints at the time and our familiarity with the market in the region, we tried our best to complete the quotation as quickly as possible and ensure that the information was accurately conveyed to the customer.

    On February 22, the day full of expectations, the customer finally wrote back to me. He not only expressed his recognition of our products, but also generously provided WhatsApp communication methods and mobile phone numbers. I was very pleased with this unexpected surprise. My hard work and unremitting efforts over the past month have finally paid off. Every message carries the weight of the customer's trust and support for our brand. This feeling is as precious and wonderful as receiving unexpected wealth. In the days to come, I will continue to work hard to improve the quality of service to ensure that every customer can feel our consistent enthusiasm and professionalism.

    On the morning of February 29, I received a WhatsApp message from a colleague in the same company. This was an urgent and important notification. I immediately picked up my phone and started to get busy, preparing to submit my quotation to the customer again. Unfortunately, this situation has lasted for a whole week, and the customer's response to us seems very cold, as if we have become a ghost in their silence.

    Faced with this situation, I decided to take some action. I carefully made a video about our product and sent it to the customer. The video details our product features, advantages and how to bring value to customers. When the customer saw the video, their response was unexpectedly quick and positive. I also responded to the customer quickly to meet its expectations.

    I re-evaluated the market dynamics and made reasonable adjustments based on the new data. After careful consideration, I sat down again and invested a lot of energy and time to study the competitors and conduct a detailed analysis based on the actual situation of my own products. In the end, I gave a proposal that met the customer's expectations and prepared for the next conversation with the customer.

    March 9th brought me unexpected joy. A customer called us personally and planned to send an agent in China to visit our company. This is a rare opportunity for our potential partners to experience and understand our products in person. Unfortunately, however, because the customer's agent had to rush to the high-speed rail station to catch the train to the next destination, he chose to leave in a hurry after the visit despite his great interest in our products.


    MEENYON  Electric Forklift  EFX302 3.0t 4



    Despite the tight time, the customer's agent gave a very high evaluation of our products. He praised the quality, design and innovative technology of our products and showed a strong desire for cooperation. This positive feedback is very encouraging to us and lays a good foundation for our future cooperation. Nevertheless, we also clearly realize that although this short exchange provides valuable information, more efforts and communication are needed to promote substantive cooperation.


    MEENYON  Electric Forklift  EFX302 3.0t 5


    On March 28, the night fell and Beijing time had quietly entered 21:00. The lights in the office were soft and warm, and I was busy with the work at hand. The customer's phone suddenly rang, and the voice was anxious and expectant: "PI information needs to be updated, please correct it immediately." Time is urgent and there is no time to delay. I acted quickly, carefully checked against the original data, and completed the correction of the data in just a few minutes. Timely response and efficient action ensured the smooth progress of the project and won the appreciation of customers. This sense of responsibility and professionalism are the qualities that every professional should have.

    On April 12, I received the full amount. This is a moment worth celebrating because it means that I have finally completed the transaction and it has given me great confidence to some extent.




    MEENYON  Electric Forklift  EFX302 3.0t 6




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