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Hydrogen Battery Forklift Meenyon, 1
Hydrogen Battery Forklift Meenyon, 1

Hydrogen Battery Forklift Meenyon,


Product Overview

The "Hydrogen Battery Forklift Meenyon" is a liquid cooled fuel cell system with a power output of 100kW. It includes various components such as air filter, air flow meter, hydrogen intel solenoid valve, humidifier, throttle valve, etc.

Hydrogen Battery Forklift Meenyon, 2
Hydrogen Battery Forklift Meenyon, 3

Product Features

The system operates at a voltage of 300 volts and current of 400 amperes. It has a fuel cell efficiency of 47.8% and operates best in temperatures ranging from -22 to 113° F. The fuel cell stack is composed of 500 fuel cells.

Product Value

The hydrogen battery forklift offers a non-toxic and safe solution for power generation. It is designed to meet regulatory requirements and provides excellent customer service.

Hydrogen Battery Forklift Meenyon, 4
Hydrogen Battery Forklift Meenyon, 5

Product Advantages

The Meenyon hydrogen battery forklift is known for its high-quality materials, effective quality management system, and professional manufacturing personnel. It ensures safety, reliability, and efficiency in operation.

Application Scenarios

The hydrogen battery forklift can be used in various industries for material handling and logistics applications. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, providing a clean and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional forklifts.

Hydrogen Battery Forklift Meenyon, 6
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