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Hydrogen Cell Forklifts Meenyon, 1
Hydrogen Cell Forklifts Meenyon, 1

Hydrogen Cell Forklifts Meenyon,


Product Overview

- The product is the Hydrogen Cell Forklifts Meenyon, specifically the 100kW Liquid Cooled Fuel Cell VL-Series.

- The product requires a quote request form for ordering, allowing for customization and additional resources.

- The product comes with various components including an air filter, air flow meter, hydrogen solenoid valve, humidifier, throttle valve, and more.

Hydrogen Cell Forklifts Meenyon, 2
Hydrogen Cell Forklifts Meenyon, 3

Product Features

- The fuel cell stack gives 120kW of output power, composed of 500 fuel cells.

- The voltage current output is 300 volts at 400 amperes, with a direct current output voltage of 500 to 700 volts.

- The fuel cell system operates best in temperatures ranging from -22 to 113°F / -30 to 45°C.

- The stack (including DC and radiator) weighs 524lbs / 238kg.

- The dimensions of the fuel cell system are 1200 x 790 x 520mm / 47 x 31 x 20″.

Product Value

- The product provides a high power output of 100kW, allowing for efficient performance.

- It operates in a wide range of temperatures, making it suitable for various environments.

- The system includes multiple safety features, such as a hydrogen sensor and safety requirements.

Hydrogen Cell Forklifts Meenyon, 4
Hydrogen Cell Forklifts Meenyon, 5

Product Advantages

- The fuel cell stack has a high efficiency of at least 47.8% at rated power.

- The system is equipped with various components that regulate air flow, temperature, pressure, and other parameters.

- It is designed for hydrogen purity of at least 99.97% and operates at specific hydrogen pressure.

Application Scenarios

- The Hydrogen Cell Forklifts Meenyon can be used in various scenarios, such as warehouses, logistics centers, and industrial facilities.

- It is suitable for applications that require high power output and efficient operation.

- The product can be used in both indoor and outdoor settings, thanks to its wide operating temperature range.

Hydrogen Cell Forklifts Meenyon, 6
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