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Meenyon 4 Wheel Forklift Brand 1
Meenyon 4 Wheel Forklift Brand 2
Meenyon 4 Wheel Forklift Brand 3
Meenyon 4 Wheel Forklift Brand 4
Meenyon 4 Wheel Forklift Brand 5
Meenyon 4 Wheel Forklift Brand 1
Meenyon 4 Wheel Forklift Brand 2
Meenyon 4 Wheel Forklift Brand 3
Meenyon 4 Wheel Forklift Brand 4
Meenyon 4 Wheel Forklift Brand 5

Meenyon 4 Wheel Forklift Brand

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Company Advantages

· There are several quality checkpoints for Meenyon 4 wheel forklift. They are fabric cutting, sewing(seam and stitch), washing(colorfastness), and finishing (anti-bacteria treatment).

· This product has excellent water tightness. The water resistance test has proved its strength in resisting deterioration and breakdown caused by water.

· With many good characteristics, the product has achieved wide market application.

Care for employees Green lithium

The use of lower carbon, cleaner, more environmentally friendly lithium electric forklifts, to fulfill social responsibility.

No smell, low noise, good for the health of front-line workers.

◆  0 emissions, green and clean, protect the environment.

◆  Batteries do not require worker maintenance.

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The benefits are numerous and economical

◆  The medium force lithium battery is a more economical power source.

◆  Less purchase cost, close to the price of internal combustion car lithium electric forklift.

◆  Save the cost of use, electricity is only 20% of the postage.

◆  Less maintenance costs, no engine, no maintenance.

◆  Less maintenance costs, the new lithium battery < 20,000 yuan.

Internal combustion vehicle chassis. Durable and sturdy.

◆ 300000 sets of front and rear axles, lifting hydraulic and control system components used in the market for over 20 years throughout the year.


One worry free class for charging and using at any time

◆  Multiple chargers can be selected to meet most working conditions for one shift operation.

High safety and long lifespan

Automobile grade lithium battery, 5-year warranty, high safety of Lithium iron phosphate.


Using multiple scenarios and operating conditions

◆  A truly suitable lithium-ion forklift for uneven roads and all weather conditions.


Item Name Unit (Code)  
1.1 Brand   MEENYON
1.2 Model   ICE251B
1.3 Power   Electric
1.4 Operation   Car type
1.5 Rated load Q (kg) 2500
1.6 Load center distance c (mm) 500
2.1 Dead weight (incl. battery) kg 3770
Tires, chassis      
3.1 Tire type, drive wheel/carrier wheel (steering wheel)   Pneumatic tire
4.4 Max lifting height of standard frame h3 (mm) 3000
4.7 Top guard (cab) height h6 (mm) 2160
4.20. Length to vertical face of fork l2 (mm) 2503
4.21 Overall width b1/ b2 (mm) 1154
4.34.1 Pallet 1000 × 1200 cross path width Ast (mm) 3985
4.34.2 Pallet 800 × 1200 cross path width Ast (mm) 4195
4.35 Turning radius Wa (mm) 2290
Performance parameter      
5.1 Travel speed, full / no load km/ h 11 / 12
5.8 Max climb, full / no load % 15/15
Motor, Power unit      
6.4 Battery voltage/nominal capacity V/ Ah 80V150AH

Company Features

· Meenyon covers a wide range of sales network in home and abroad market of 4 wheel forklift.

· We have built a diverse team of inventive, collaborative and talented people who share a willingness to help, who are proud of their work and their company. This enables us to go far in the global market. Our manufacturing and processing centers are strategically located. They are close to our customers and to growing regions, which will do a favor for our business. Our factory uniquely owns a wide variety of state-of-the-art production facilities, which provides us with full control of the quality of our products throughout the entire process.

· Meenyon is committed to providing professional services and reliable 4 wheel forklift. Please contact us!

Product Details

Adhering to the concept of 'details and quality make achievement', we will work harder on the following details of 4 wheel forklift to make our products more advantageous.

Application of the Product

The 4 wheel forklift produced by our company can be applied to different fields and scenarios. So the different requirements of different people can be satisfied.

According to different needs of customers, Meenyon is capable of providing reasonable, comprehensive and optimal solutions for customers.

Product Comparison

Meenyon's 4 wheel forklift is produced in strict accordance with standards. We make ensure that the products have more advantages over similar products in the following aspects.

Enterprise Advantages

Our company has a management team with modern operation idea. Meanwhile, we introduce a large number of experienced and skilled R&D talents. They both provide a strong foundation for manufacturing quality products.

Our company has a first-class after-sales service team of professional technology and a set of standardized service management systems to supply the best quality service to the customers.

Meenyon carries out production in accordance with the standard to be safe, efficient, sustainable and recyclable. We think highly of quality in the business and pay equal attention to production and environmental protection, so as to achieve a reasonable combination of economic and social benefits.

Since the inception in Meenyon has gone through years of hard work. In the difficult exploration of 'theory-practice-reorganization-repractice', we have found out the right road of sustainable development in advantages of national policy. It lays a solid foundation for our future development.

Our company actively develops domestic and international market and builds relevant sales channels according to the market position of the products.

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