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Meenyon Brand Heavy Duty Electric Pallet Jack 1
Meenyon Brand Heavy Duty Electric Pallet Jack 2
Meenyon Brand Heavy Duty Electric Pallet Jack 3
Meenyon Brand Heavy Duty Electric Pallet Jack 4
Meenyon Brand Heavy Duty Electric Pallet Jack 5
Meenyon Brand Heavy Duty Electric Pallet Jack 6
Meenyon Brand Heavy Duty Electric Pallet Jack 1
Meenyon Brand Heavy Duty Electric Pallet Jack 2
Meenyon Brand Heavy Duty Electric Pallet Jack 3
Meenyon Brand Heavy Duty Electric Pallet Jack 4
Meenyon Brand Heavy Duty Electric Pallet Jack 5
Meenyon Brand Heavy Duty Electric Pallet Jack 6

Meenyon Brand Heavy Duty Electric Pallet Jack

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Company Advantages

· The manufacturing process of Meenyon heavy duty electric pallet jack is complicated. For example, its semiconductors must undergo a rigorous cleaning process to remove dirt and dust.

· This product is presented to customers after proper inspections.

· The product serves as a good choice to furnish rooms with something that is truly special. It will definitely impress the guests who walk into.


Classic styling.

Inherit the classic series of Little King Kong

Delay advantage

Inheriting the characteristics of Little Diamond

Ultra light self weight, with a load capacity of 1500KG, and a small body with high energy

Ultra small radius with a radius of 1440MM, making it easy to operate in narrow channels

Classic set

After 10 years of market inspection, the parts and components of the extended generation of Xiaojingang are more reliable and stable


Adapting to the trend, timeless classics

Developing through inheritance, F1 follows the trend, responds to policies, and meets usage needs

◆  High capacity lithium battery

1. Standard 40AH large capacity lithium battery: fully utilize the advantages of flexible charging of lithium batteries, intermittently recharge, and use the vehicle at any time to meet the needs of a day's work

2. Standard 10A large charger: better utilize the advantages of fast charging, not afraid of busy working conditions




◆  Innovate in development and make "breaking the trend" more intense

Original chassis design - The F series adopts the new and original chassis design concept of Zhongli, which separates the front and rear frames, integrates the power of the rear frame, and produces personalized front frames to meet the diverse transportation needs of users.


Power integration, performance upgrade

Highly integrated powertrain system into the rear frame through innovative design.

Adopting the new manufacturing concept of production and inspection to control product quality throughout the entire process.



hydraulic system

New load-bearing bridge

Drive unit

Reasonable layout and improved lifespan

◆  Improve the cooling effect of the controller, improve quality, and reduce maintenance costs.

Better stability and durability of the vehicle.

Separate front and back

to satisfy personality

◆  Can meet customers' personalized customization needs such as appearance and color.

◆ Can provide industry customized services based on customer conditions.

Innovative handle, human-machine optimization

◆  Innovative handle design in the industry, optimizing human-computer interaction experience

◆  Double knobs left and right for smoother operation

◆  Mechanical rebound structure, more labor-saving operation

◆  Integrated design for easier maintenance

Pro12-xj6 (2)


Item Name Unit (code)    






1.2 Model   F1 (Lithium battery) F1 (Lead-acid battery)
1.3 Power   Electric Electric
1.4 Operation   Walking Walking
1.5 Rated load Q (kg) 1500 1500
1.6 Load center distance c (mm) 600 600






2.1 Dead weight (incl. battery) kg 125 142

Tires, chassis





3.2 Front wheel size (diameter × width)   210x70 210x70






4.4. Standard max lifting height h3 (mm) 105 105
4.15 Fork drop height h13(mm) 82 82
4.19 Overall length l1 (mm) 1618 1618
4.21 Overall width b1/ b2 (mm) 685/620 685/620
4.25 Fork outside distance b5 (mm) 685/560 685/560
4.34.1 Pallet 1000 × 1200 cross path width Ast (mm) 2203 2203
4.34.2 Pallet 800 × 1200 cross path width Ast (mm) 2256 2256
4.35 Turning radius Wa (mm) 1440 1440

Performance parameter





5.1 Walk speed, full/no load km/ h 4/4.5 4/4.5
5.8 Max climb, full/no load % 5 / 16 5 / 16

Motor, Power unit





6.4 Battery voltage/nominal capacity V/ Ah 24V/40Ah 24V/65Ah

Company Features

· As time goes by, Meenyon has been more developed in the field of heavy duty electric pallet jack.

· We are competitive than other companies in the heavy duty electric pallet jack industry in terms of technology foundation. Our company has an obvious advantage in the technology for heavy duty electric pallet jack over other companies.

· We always adhere to the customer-oriented concept. We try our best to maintain friendly and long-term cooperative relationships with our customers by providing them products that make them feel satisfied.

Product Details

With a focus on quality, Meenyon pays great attention to the details of heavy duty electric pallet jack.

Application of the Product

The heavy duty electric pallet jack of Meenyon can be used in many industries.

With a focus on Meenyon is dedicated to providing reasonable solutions for customers.

Product Comparison

Compared with products in the same category, heavy duty electric pallet jack we produce is equipped with the following advantages.

Enterprise Advantages

Meenyon's excellent sci-tech team are strong technical support for the production of products.

Meenyon adopts advanced production and management technology to carry out organic production. We also maintain close partnerships with other well-known domestic companies. We are committed to providing customers with quality products and professional services.

Consistent with the philosophy of 'quality for survival, reputation for development', we are willing to cooperate with all sectors of society for common advancement and win-win situation.

Meenyon, built in has accumulated rich experience and has established a good reputation in the industry.

Our sales outlets are all over the country, and our products are sold to major domestic markets. At the same time, our business personnel with strong abilities are actively exploring overseas markets.

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