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OEM Pem Hydrogenation Station Meenyon 1
OEM Pem Hydrogenation Station Meenyon 2
OEM Pem Hydrogenation Station Meenyon 1
OEM Pem Hydrogenation Station Meenyon 2

OEM Pem Hydrogenation Station Meenyon


Product details of the pem hydrogenation station

Product Information

Strict production standards: the production process of Meenyon pem hydrogenation station follows extremely stringent standards. These standards ensure that product performance reaches the predetermined range. The quality of the product has withstood the test of time. Meenyon has a good market outlook.


Delivered & Installed in April 2018



System rated power (kW) 200kW
Output Voltage (V/AC 415VAC
Power Plant Efficiency >39%
-30℃ Cold Start-up to Standby (mins) ≤15min
Standby to Idle Power (seconds) ≤30s@≥5℃
Idle Power Output (kW) ≤20kW
Hydrogen Purity ≥99.97% Dry Hydrogen (CO<0.1ppm)
Hydrogen Inlet Pressure (Bar) 11-13 Bar
Coolant Up to 50% pure ethylene glycol 50 % to 100% (deionized water); < 100 μm (particle size)
Communication Protocol CAN2.0B/Modbus TCP
Operating Relative Humidity 99% No Condensing
Installation Environment Outdoors -30°C ~ +45°C

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• Our company was established in After years of development, our business has grown from a single development to an integrated development pattern with prominent main business and full industrial chain.
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