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Company Advantages

· Meenyon rider pallet jack is added the latest design concepts.

· This product provides good reliability and excellent performance at low cost.

· Our wide range of products are the smart choice for clients.



Choice Of 7 Major Characteristics And Qualities

Rider Pallet Jack Company 7 Upright walking

Rider Pallet Jack Company 8 Universal wheel standard configuration

Rider Pallet Jack Company 9 Homing structure

Rider Pallet Jack Company 10 Enclosed bearing chamber

Rider Pallet Jack Company 11 Safe and secure

Rider Pallet Jack Company 12 Strong climbing ability

Rider Pallet Jack Company 13 Easy maintenance

Upright walking

◆ One click upright walking, small and flexible space.


Universal Wheel Standard Configuration

◆ Universal wheels as standard for smoother vehicle operation.

Homing structure

◆  Special return structure for easier use


Enclosed bearing chamber

◆  The sealed design of the bearing cavity makes the body more durable.

Safe and secure

Integrated stamping upper cover is safe and firm.

The entire vehicle is surrounded by metal, ensuring both safety and protection.

Configure folders and storage cup holders for a more thoughtful design.


Strong climbing ability

◆ Powerful and has strong climbing ability. It can climb 16% of the slope with no load, and can easily climb 5% of the slope with a full load of 2 tons.

Easy maintenance

◆  Reasonable layout, more convenient maintenance.

◆  The distributed layout of electrical components facilitates maintenance and repair.





Unit (Code)






1.1 Brand   MEENYON
1.2 Model   WPL211
1.3 Power   Electric
1.4 Operation   Walking
1.5 Rated load Q (kg) 2100
1.6 Load center distance c (mm) 600





2.1 Dead weight (incl. battery) kg 250

Tires, chassis




3.2 Front wheel size (diameter × width)   Ф245x94





4.4. Standard max lifting height h3 (mm) 140
4.15 Fork drop height h13(mm) 82.5
4.19 Overall length l1 (mm) 1592(1572)
4.21 Overall width b1/ b2 (mm) 645/625
4.25 Fork outside distance b5 (mm) 540/685
4.34.1 Pallet 1000 × 1200 cross path width Ast (mm) 2228
4.34.2 Pallet 800 × 1200 cross path width Ast (mm) 2076
4.35 Turning radius Wa (mm) 1428

Performance parameter




5.1 Walk speed, full/no load km/ h 5/5.5
5.8 Max climb, full/no load % 6 / 16

 Motor, Power unit




6.4 Battery voltage/nominal capacity V/ Ah 48/30

Company Features

· Meenyon is an extremely advanced and aggressive producer of rider pallet jack.

· Meenyon has advanced production equipment, excellent manufacturing technology and complete testing methods. Meenyon has advanced technology and first-class equipment.

· As a company with strong social responsibility, we operate our business on the basis of a green and sustainable way. We professionally handle and discharge wastes in an environmentally friendly way.

Product Details

Meenyon produces rider pallet jack according to national standards, and the products are of good quality. The specific details are as follows.

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