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Meenyon electric forklift - solving major industry handling problems(1)


MateriaI HandIing SoIution For Paper Industry

Paper Industry Challenge

1.Irregular Cargo Shapes: Special attachments like clamps are necessary.

2.Large and Heavy Cargo: High load capacity and robust mast are needed.

3.Limited Space: Limited storage space with high-density stacking and narrow aisles.

4.High Stacking: Rigid mast with stability is needed.

5.Fragile: Paper roll goods are easily damaged.

Recommended Products

EPT20-15ET2  1.5-Ton Pallet Trucks

1.Triangular forks for paper roll transportation.

2.Compact size with great. maneuverability in tight spaces.

CPD30/35L1S  3.0 / 3.5-Ton CounterbaIanced Forklift

1.Low center 0f gravity ensuring exceptional stability.

2.560Ah lithium battery for strong power.

3.The enhanced mast improving load capability and stability.

4.Wide visibility for precise operation.

5.Waterproof design for both indoor and outdoor use.

Meenyon electric forklift - solving major industry handling problems(1) 1


Material Handling Solution For New Energy Coil Industry

New Energy Coil Industry Challenge

1.Complex Application: Complex applications and various types of goods.

2.Irregular Cargo Shapes: Challenging for general forklifts to handle with new energy goods like foil sheets.

3.High-VaIue Cargo: VaIuable goods need precise handling.

4.EnvironmentaI Standards: New energy products require a high standard Of working environment.

Recommended Products

ES20-20RASDZ  2.0 Ton EIectric Stacker (Exclusive for CoiIed Materials)

1.360-degree rotating turntable flexible material handling.

2.High-strength chassis structure to cope with heavy loads.

3.Stepless lifting speed adjustment for precise control.

ES13-15ESDZ  1.5 Ton Electric Stacker (ExcIusive for CoiIed Materials)

1.High-strength mast with bearing rollers.

2.H beam enhances load capacity.

3.Offset operation for a wide visibility.

Meenyon electric forklift - solving major industry handling problems(1) 2


Meenyon electric forklift - solving major industry handling problems(2)
Development History ——Lithium Replacing DieseI Forklift Truck
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