Meenyon offers professional OEM & ODM services for all kinds of electric forklift, electric pallet truck, electric stacker and diesel forklift.

Development History ——Lithium Replacing DieseI Forklift Truck


ln 2020 ,Firstly introduced the Concept of Lithium Replacing Diesel in the lndustry

With a robust chassis structure and eco-friendly lithium battery, a lithium-powered truck transformed the market. EP Lithium Replacing Diesel Transforming the Market.

B2 Series Lithium Replacing DieseI Trucks.A step forward.A newly designed counterweight

With its sturdy box-shaped anti-torsion structure, high ground clearance, compact design, and lithium battery, the B2 series can cover both indoor and outdoor use of various industries.

EFX-H Series Lithium Replacing Diesel

PowerfuI performance to cope with ramps! Longer runtime with multiple battery options. Strong power for productivity boost.

September 2022 ,Launched the revolutionary 3rd Generation

Heavy-duty Lithium Forklift Truck. Stronger, Faster, Easier. Say goodbye to IC forklift trucks!


Travel speedfull/no load19/20km/h

Max gradeabilityfull/no load22/28%

Lifting speedfull/no load0.48/0.54m/s

Lowering speedfull/no load0.43/0.44m/s

Battery voltage/nominal capacity80V/410Ah

Development History ——Lithium Replacing DieseI Forklift Truck 1

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