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Meenyon electric forklift - solving major industry handling problems(3)


MateriaI HandIing Solusion For wood lndustry

Wood Industry Challenge 

1.Irregularly Shaped Goods: Large,heavy and irregular shaped goods demand forklifts of high load capacity and high stability.

2.Safety Standards: Lithium forklift trucks avoid the heat emissions for highly flammable wood cargo.

3.Extended Operating time: The operator works under prolonged loads that requires comfortable driving experience.

4.Water resistance: High passibility and water resistance are needed for indoor and outdoor use.

Recommended Products

ICE302H/ICE352H/382H  3.0/3.5/3.8 Ton Heavy-duty Li-ion forklift

1.Stable and Reliable

Reinforced mast and rollers for enhanced performance.

LOW center of gravity for stability.

Market-proved forklift components for durability.

Brakes and emergency power-off design ensuring safer operation.

2.Excellent Driving Experience

Spacious legroom for operation comfort.

Adjustable steering wheel.

Smooth steering.

3.Environmentally Friendly

Lithium battery is low-carbon and eco-friendly.


Easy maintenance and battery replacement.

Lithium batteries require zero maintenance.

5.Efficient Operation

Waterproof design for both indoor and outdoor usage.

Robust chassis suitable for harsh outdoor conditions.

High ground clearance for maneuvering over uneven surfaces.

Opportunity charging with reducing downtime.

Compact design for maneuverability in confined spaces.

Wide-view mast with excellent visibility for safety operation.

EPT20-15ET2L  2.0 Ton Electric Pallet Truck

1.Customized Forks

Various fork lengths and widths available.

2.Sturdy Design

Reinforced legs with ribbed construction.

3.Low Fork Height

80mm low fork height suitable for various pallet heights.



MateriaI Handling Solution For Fruit Storage

Fruit Storage Challenge

1.Slippery Surfaces

Fruit coolers are prone to water and ice build-up. This can lead to slippery surfaces.

2.Hygiene Requirements

High hygiene requirements for food cargo.

3.Confined Space

Confined space and high density of cargo stacking.

Recommended Products

CPD15/18/20TVL  1.5/1.8/2.0-Ton Three-Wheel Dual-Drive Counterbalanced Forklift

1.Superior Performance

Large battery capacity for longer runtime.

Internal charger for opportunity charging.

Shortened wheelbase for improved maneuverability.

Dual drive for stronger handling power.

2.Waterproof Design

Water resistance for both indoor and outdoor use.

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

3.Compact Design

Three-wheel forklift with a compact size.

Smaller turning radius for transportation in narrow aisles.

4.Spacious workspace

Optimized workspace with large legroom.

Improved mast with wide visibility.

5.Safe Handling

Lifting height limit switch for operation safety.

Robust mast with high-strength beam to handle heavy loads.

Standard rubber solid tires for stability and safety.

6.Innovative Modular Design

High quality and easy maintenance

Meenyon electric forklift - solving major industry handling problems(3) 1

Meenyon electric forklift - solving major industry handling problems(4)
Meenyon electric forklift - solving major industry handling problems(2)
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