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Meenyon electric forklift - solving major industry handling problems(4)


Material Handing Solution For Beverage Industry

Beverage Industry Challenge


Fragile goods. Stable and precise handling is needed.

2.Limited Space

High density of storage and confined space ask for great maneuverability.

3.Busy Operation

Demanding delivery requires efficient goods turnover.


Recommend products

CPD35L1S 3.5-Ton Counterbalanced Forklift

1.Waterproof design for operations even on rainy days.

2.Environment-friendly for indoor operation.

3.Lithium battery with opportunity charging and fast charging.

4.More compact design for maneuverability in narrow spaces.

5.Wide visibility for easy handling and stacking.

 EC35A 3.5-Ton Counterbalanced Forklift

1.Faster lifting speed f0 r more efficient stacking.

2.Maximum travel speed of up to 17 km/h.

3.Robust structure with rigid mast for heavy loads.

4.High-power AC motor for more powerful performance.

5.Compact design for maneuverability in narrow spaces.



Material Handing Solution For New Energy Photovoltaic Industry 

New Energy Photovoltaic Industry Challenge

1.Environmental Pollution

Eco-friendly equipment are needed.

2.Irregular shaped cargoes

Customized forks are needed.

3.Busy Operation

High throughput of goods demands higher efficiency.


Recommend products

ES20-25XY 2.5 Ton Electric Stacker

1. Heavy duty capacity with 3T steel structure.

2. High-strength chassis structure ensures overload deformation.

3. High-strength forged forks for various working conditions.

4. AC drive system for power and smooth operation.

5. Fast-charging battery allowing continuous operation even during high-paced tasks.

6. Optional pedal arm guard and power steering for safe and effortless long-term operation. 7.Automatic deceleration function on bends ensures safer driving.

 ES20-20RAC 2.0-Ton Electric Stacker

1.Heavy-duty capacity thanks to reinforced H-beam steel.

2.The high-strength chassis ensures stability and anti-deformation.

3.Robust forks enable extra-long cargo handling.

4.The AC drive system delivers robust and precise control.

5.Opportunity charging with lithium battery.

6.Optional foldable pedals, arm guards and electronic steering for both safety and comfort. 7.Automatic deceleration on turns.

 RPL301 3.0 Ton Electric Pallet Truck

1. Powerful Performance

① AC drive system ensures powerful and precise control.

② Robust chassis design for durability and stability under heavy loads.

③ Foldable pedals allows for easy maneuvering in confined spaces.

2. Enhanced Safety

① Dual driving speeds with open to full speed.

② Emergency Power cutoff switch.

3. User-Friendly Design

① lntuitive button placement and ergonomic design for comfort.

② Shock-absorbing foldable pedal design.

4. Environmental Considerations

① More eco-friendly to improve working environment.


Meenyon electric forklift - solving major industry handling problems(3)
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