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Meenyon employee birthday party


October 17, 2023

On this spring day, we ushered in the warm-hearted Meenyon October employee birthday party.

Every birthday party is indispensable without sincere blessings from the leaders of Meenyon, and this time is no exception. Mr. Zaochun Xia, Chairman of Meenyon, came to the scene in person to send his most sincere blessings to the partners who work together and to every outstanding employee. He thanked everyone for devoting their youth and time to working together with the company to develop and build a better tomorrow. Create value!

Chairman Mr. Zaochun Xia in order to let the birthday guests have fun, birthday surprises will be given to everyone. The Human Resources Department also presented birthday gifts carefully prepared by the Group to the birthday guests, who were greatly rewarded.

The birthday party was coming to an end, and the carefully prepared birthday cake was slowly presented. With Meenyon's sweet blessings and deep love for the birthday stars, along with the birthday song, everyone blew out the candles and made blessings, and took a group photo to mark the occasion. This unforgettable birthday will be fixed and remembered!

Every care and every detail reflects Meenyon's warm care for its employees, and also demonstrates the warmth and tolerance of Meenyon's family. There are laughter, touching, surprises, and gains. Every wonderful moment is enough to be deeply remembered, and every warm moment is enough to be cherished!

Meenyon employee birthday party 1

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