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Cold storage industry solutions


The low-temperature operating environment of the cold storage and the condensation generated by the temperature difference between the cold storage and the outgoing warehouse not only place corresponding demands on the cold resistance, waterproof, rust-proof and anti-corrosion capabilities of the handling equipment, but also pose challenges to the power performance and road anti-skid. At the same time, the cold storage industry has high requirements for the utilization rate of the internal space of the cold storage. It usually requires vehicles to be able to operate in narrow spaces, requiring a smaller turning radius and smaller aisle width.

Meenyon forklifts can easily cope with cool environments and solve handling problems.

Meenyon forklifts use PCT heating sheets, temperature sensors and other equipment to prevent the generation of condensation water. In addition, low-temperature wire harness cables are used, and the connection points of the wire harness and cables are completely waterproof through special processing. Hydraulic shafts, gear oil, floodwater, etc. all use low-temperature special grease to ensure that the vehicle can obtain long-term and stable hydraulic and transmission performance in cold conditions. What's more important is that the motor has an IP54 protection level, which can be waterproof and avoid motor short-circuit failure. At the same time, the humidity in the cold storage is relatively high, the ground is slippery, and there may even be ice, causing the forklift to easily slip when braking. In this case, the patterned tires have anti-skid capabilities and will not slip.



Cold storage industry solutions 1

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