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10 tons Electric Forklift


Meenyon electric forklift manufacturer specializes in the research and development, production and service of electric storage equipment, intelligent handling robots and forklifts. Today, let’s briefly talk about the 10-ton electric forklift:

Safe and reliable

High structural strength: CAE simulation analysis and strength optimization of key structural parts of the vehicle are carried out.

High protection level: The protection level of key electrical components of the vehicle is as high as IP67 and can operate all day long.

High control precision: Vehicle VCU+CAN bus communication technology enables precise control and fast response.

High safety level: The entire vehicle adopts lightweight design, small front overhang, more reasonable structure and higher stability.

Powerful and environmentally friendly

Performance driven: high-performance drive motor and oil pump motor. It has strong power and performance comparable to the same type of internal combustion forklift

(full load/no load driving speed 29/30km/h, grade climbing 22%/30%, starting speed 390/470mm/s).

Optimized power distribution: single motor for travel, dual motors for starting, steering and braking, saving energy and reducing noise.

Zero emissions: pure power, zero emissions, green and environmentally friendly.

Comfortable and convenient

Wide field of view: High-strength wide field of view mast with descending buffer makes operation more comfortable.

Easy maintenance: The seat cover tilts open, the battery is mounted on the side, the maintenance space is large, and charging and maintenance are convenient.

Light steering: fully hydraulic priority steering quantitative system and dynamic load feedback system make the steering light and flexible.

Visual operation: The operating status parameters of the vehicle system can be grasped in real time through the instrument, which is convenient and efficient.

Energy saving and efficient

Long-lasting energy saving: Using a 309V high-voltage platform, permanent magnet synchronous motor and ferrophosphate battery,

it can save more than 15% of energy and have a higher cruising range.

Fast charging: Compatible with car charging piles, supports 1C fast charging, convenient and fast.

Maneuverable and flexible: large angle steering axle. The turning radius is as small as 3605mm, the maneuverability is high, and it is applicable to a wide range of scenarios.

Efficient operation: Equipped with hydraulic pitch adjustment fork, the operation efficiency is higher.


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